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The Energy Innovation Center Institute is an independent 501 (c) (3) organization whose mission is to help transform how humans learn, work, and power ourselves in more sustainable, resilient, and mutual ways.

We are the program arm of the Energy Innovation Center and our charter places preeminence on helping those in the most vulnerable populations through Environmental, Social, and Governance metrics applied to the future of energy, learning, and work.

A significant part of our organizational focus is to link the region's disconnected community members to meaningful jobs with stable career pathways through employer-supported workforce development training. 

To achieve this goal we deploy innovative education technologies that utilize multi-modal learning pedagogies. 


Our goal is to close the divide between the our most vulnerable populations and the opportunities to participate equitably in the region's growing prosperity through training for jobs with stable career pathways.

We also have significant activities that advance the understanding, science, policy, and commercial application of technologies that will help rapidly move the U.S. toward a carbon neutral economy.

Located in an Opportunity Zone in Pittsburgh's historic Hill District, the Energy Innovation Center Institute's is an innovative not-for-profit that works to drive activities that help all to share more equitably and mutually in the region's growing wealth through radical collaboration and collective impact.



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We are proud to announce our recent partnership with TranZed powered by HiUpApp.




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