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Training for Human Thriving

​Training for Human Thriving™ is a pioneering new training program designed to help overcome racism, bias, poor financial literacy, poor life skills formation, and to generally encourage and promote human flourishing across the full spectrum of mankind starting and focused on the most disenfranchised. 

Racism is a form of hatred. It is best overcome in the hearts of each of us – person by person.  However, defeating racism and fighting cycles of poverty must happen formally and at scale to have an equitable impact in our current time.  Once free from the constraints of hatred and trained with success skills and financial literacy competencies all humans have the potential to flourish. Training for Human Thriving™ (THT) is intended to be part of the national solution for overcoming racism, bias, poor job readiness and success skills formation, and the limits they place on everyone’s potential to thrive optimally.

THT is currently a 30-hour training program that is being offered through multi-modal pedogogies in a MCP format.  Final refinement and commissioning of the curriculum is happening now and will continue over the coming months. It is also being developed into a 4-hour corporate training offering that we expect corporations will embrace as part of their internal efforts to help their company employees recognize and address racism, help each thrive, and generally support flourishing of all humans. The shorter incumbent worker training is expected to be available as a CEU in 2021.  This will allow the program to become financially sustainable after initial support from corporations and foundations.


EICI and G.A.P mission strategies have in common the objective to help develop and promote the business case for human flourishing.  Underpinning our strategy are both considerable field work on the front lines and several important studies showing the economic value gained from helping raise up the most vulnerable in our society - often minorities and immigrants.  By focusing our efforts on helping this population flourish we can help them break cycles of poverty and foster hope.  This outcome will also help the entire regional (eventually the country) benefit from their new wealth creation.  We do not see this effort as philanthropy, but rather good business.  It also happens to be the right thing to do. 

In fact, Citibank recently issued a report on CBS News and in the Wall Street Journal documenting the costs of racism and uneven participation in our country’s prosperity.  They estimate it has costs the USA nearly $16 Trillion dollars is lost GDP


Minority owned and managed, G.A.P. Literacy, LLC is a full-service literacy platform striving to educate, enlighten and empower marginalized communities to become the very best versions of themselves. We like to consider ourselves a conduit, in the end having facilitated the re-birth of healthy, thriving individuals who are able to flourish independently. With our innovative solutions, fresh, cutting edge strategies, and an empathetic mindset, The G.A.P. Literacy inspires individuals to achieve financial freedom and marginalized communities to realize social and economic expansion and resilience.

The G.A.P. Literacy tirelessly promotes social justice, economic advancement and financial empowerment by providing key resources, progressive training programs and support to the undeserved population. We offer classroom teaching, coaching, mentoring and more. Our innovative, work-ready concepts include understanding and overcoming racism and microaggressions in the workplace and marketplace. The students will be able to better understand and determine their own personal goals and learn to navigate the barriers of both passive and overt racism. We will use pre and post assessment tools to ensure that the expected learning outcomes are achieved.

A key focus will be the financial literacy component of the program as most marginalized communities are not taught financial literacy. This demographic will learn that they are already starting from a position of disadvantage. Financial literacy is an essential topic not often taught to individuals at an early age. More notably, the financial trials that plague disadvantaged children eventually grow to haunt adults in a similar way. Through our classes, coaching and mentorship we break through the glass ceiling and give our participants access to the knowledge and ideals needed to flourish.


The G.A.P. Literacy’s philosophy is very closely braided with that of EICI. Our collaborative efforts form a unique partnership where we will lock arms and endeavor to create sustainable change in our undeserved communities and businesses.

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