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in•no•va•tion ĭn″ə-vā′shən

n. The act of introducing something new.

We work to innovative, catalyze, and launch many creative initiatives that help advance our mission.

In the recent past, we have helped launch various mission aligned

501 c3 organizations and initiatives.


Some of these organizations have gone on to independence such as IN2Market and Forum for America and the World, while others, like CIWA and THT, remain under our management and stewardship.  Purposed Vision is still under development and has not yet formally launched but its founders are doing the important work of gang violence intervention and education and we continue to support them. 

All are important and we are proud of the role we played in helping each organization.

For more information please see their websites linked below:

Training for Human Thriving

Critical Infrastructure Workforce Academy


Forum for America and the World

Purposed Vision

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